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Introduction to Clustering in PHP

What on earth is Clustering? An extremely simplified definition of clustering could well be having multiple computers working together to get a single goal. Typically you notice with distributed computing applications (network object rendering of gr

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Top 10 Improvements in PHP 5.5.0

One key difference to remember before upgrading is that support for  XP and 2003 has been dropped adjusted 5. 5. 0. Generators at the moment are available Generators provide a simple strategy to iterate through data while not having to wri

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Creating Your Own VPN

In the event you travel frequently or have numerous offices, you may want to build and use a virtual non-public network (VPN). A VPN lets you remotely along with securely access your files as well as other shared network resources when outside the of

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Introduction to Android

Android is the world's most mainstream working framework for cell phones and tablets. It is an open source working framework, made by Google, and accessible to numerous sorts of designers with different mastery levels, running from new kid on th

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Introduction to Grid System

The grid is an invisible structure that collects all the elements within an online page together. Grids are certainly not safely seen, nonetheless traces of the grids’ “discipline” can be noticeable through the location of factors w

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URL Rewriting

Once we think about URL rewriting, usually meaning adding some rules to the .htaccess file for an Apache world wide web server. If you work using a different server, there’s often documentation designed for translating from Apache’s mod_r

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Introduction to Symfony 2

Symfony is an open Source  Hypertext Preprocessor internet development framework - a set of tools and methodology to help you build best applications. Some of the traits of this framework are its pace, flexibility, scalability, and balance. You

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PHP 5.5 New Features

PHP 5. 5. 0 has become released, bringing with it tons  of new features and steps. TechRepublic has rounded up 10 upgrades  that web developers should check  in the new release.   1.       Generator

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PHP Web Development - Features and Benefits

PHP & web page design development using PHP has emerged to be a useful web programming options that's free also. It is a programming language that's commonly used for developing active sites. In this article we look into various feature

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Website Critical Success Factors

Even though every one's visual tastes are wide and varied, there are several universal guidelines that successful websites embody. We've distilled these down to suit your needs into a simple list associated with critical success factors. As

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