8 Important Predictions For SEO In 2020 You Need To Know

8 Important Predictions For SEO In 2020 You Need To Know
December 31, 2019 Seo Essence
8 Important Predictions For SEO In 2020 You Need To Know
SEO has a few policies that do stand the test of time year after year, but with the improvement of technology, smarter searchers searching for an answer, and the amount of data available, these are new strategies on the perspective. Many entrepreneurs are starting to know what it takes to succeed; online marketing competition continues to rise. If you have a website, you need to update its marketing and performance to fall behind. What does that mean? There are two vital aspects that should be considered when it comes to positioning your business properly: SEO and Content Marketing. Here is a list of 12 predictions for SEO in 2020:
  1. Snippets and On- SERP SEO
Featured and rich snippets have been around for a while now, and both have resulted in considerable changes to Google’s SERPs. In short, snippets are a kind of Google search that shows extra detail about a page. When we refer to On-SERP SEO, it means offering content that is optimised for the altering layouts of a search engine’s outcome page. A standard Google search outcome will comprise of a Meta description, a page title, and a URL rich snippets offer greater detail.  
  1. Secure sites become important
Websites that want to rank must offer their users with safe user experience in 2020. If your site isn’t secure, the bounce rate will increase, thus this will affect your complete ranking.  
  1. Influencer marketing is rising
Most people would rather take the suggestion of an influencer than listening to a random advertisement. The Internet user is getting tired of intrusive ads, so they are becoming immune to many forms of paid advertising. Influencer marketing is the best solution used for promoting goods and services.  
  1. Voice optimization is no longer used
Since mobile technology has reached its peak, search queries are no longer plugged words into search boxes. In 2020, voice searches become a prominent trend. You can search for something using your Smartphone, home voice assistant, smart TV, and smartwatch. According to the research, more than 50% of web searches will come from voice searches. If you are going to optimize your website for voice, you will need to know the most pressing and immediate questions of your target audience.  
  1. Mobile optimization is important
If your site isn’t optimized for mobile in 2020, you are missing the point of the game. Most Internet users are using Smartphones on a daily basis. They use them to entertain, communicate, and seek information on social channels and so on. If your content and site features are accessible through desktop devices, your mobile traffic will exit your platform, providing Google the important clues to know that you have provided a bad experience to the user.  
  1. Long content ranks better
If you want to rank higher, then longer content will help you. Those days are gone when 500 words articles ranked on the first page of the search engine. In 2020, the content should have more than 2000 words to become worthy of Google’s first page.  
  1. Speed is an important factor
Internet users are getting used to convenience. If 10 years ago sites used to load very slowly, everything looks different today. Nowadays, users expect their experience to be smooth and immediate.  When we search for something on search engines, we expect instant answers. If the experience we have on a site is mediocre because of slow-loading webpages, we will seek another solution.  
  1. Branding is the main concern
Marketers are spending important pieces of their budget on paid advertising. In 2020, it is very likely that advertisements will not only become prevalent but also costly for most of the advertisers who are using them as an exclusive method to get traffic. When you look for organic social traffic, you will realize the best method to make a stable flow of traffic is to focus on branding.   SEO is a field that will never stay fixed and change with time. Entrepreneurs and marketers who are counting on Google should stay updated with the trending algorithm changes and policies. Or you can avail of the Search Engine Optimization services from SEO Essence Technologies. It is one of the best SEO service providers with a team of professionals who keep themselves updated with the trending changes.