Tactics for Blog Traffic

Tactics for Blog Traffic
December 17, 2018 Seo Essence
Tactics for Blog Traffic

Majority of website owners look at their Google analytics frequently in the course of the day. Anyone who just launched a website or has a blog understands the importance of building traffic. Web traffic is extremely important when vying for attention and while this is the case, there are instances when building it up can prove to be a daunting task. There is some good news however. There are certain strategies which if effectively employed can increase blog traffic within the shortest time possible.


Target audience that is likely to share your information: When strategizing about who your target audience is, make sure you pick people who can help you spread the information. There are some readers who tend to be less or more active when it comes to evangelizing your work. However, there are certain writing styles, communities and topics that work better on the web than others


Blog frequently and post your comments on other peoples blogs: You should search for blogs that have content that is relative to what is on your site and post guest blogs. In the content, make sure you provide a backlink to your blog in order to increase traffic. In addition to this, you should post your comments on the blogs of other people. This is one of the most effective and reliable ways of generating traffic as it creates a familiarity to your name and your blog.


Join communities where your target audience gathers: Carry out basic research to establish where your target audience gathers. This should not be difficult to establish. You probably know some of the forums, blogs, social media sites and websites where they gather for content that is similar to what you have.


SEO friendly content: Search engines come in handy when it comes to increasing traffic and yet, majority of bloggers tend to ignore them. When used effectively however, search engines have the capability of increasing traffic and it does not interfere with quality writing. In 2011 alone, Google recorded more than three billion searches across the globe and this number continues to grow. You can also take advantage of this traffic to increase the popularity of your blog.


Use social media network to share posts: Social sites such as Google+, twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be used for the purpose of sharing posts. Twitter has 465 million accounts, Facebook has 850 million, Google+ has 100 million while LinkedIn has more than 130 million. These networks attract a large number of people who can form part of your target audience.


Use landing page: This is important as it encourages your visitors to submit email addresses when they visit your blog. You should follow through by sending regular email messages to your subscribers and adding them to your contact list in order to ensure you don’t end up in their spam files.