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Google Search Algorithm Juno Blizzard

Hey Guys! Have you seen some changes in the projects performance or your performed keywords ranking. I have found yesterday some updates about some changes into SEO Round Table as well Search Engine Land.

This is counter attack for webmaster and lots of shuffles in Google search result which names is Google Search Algorithm Juno Blizzard. As per search engine land; Google has been released a new search queries within Google Webmaster Tools and is now seeking tester to give feedback on their “ALPHA” release.

Also, as per Google+ hangout by Google's John Mueller and friends, this is not related to Penguin or Panda as Google done lots of changes in each day so it is hard to say that it’s Panda or Penguin.

These kind of updated are being time to time and SEO India Company always make them self update with these releases so that they can deliver better result to his clients all time. SEO Essence Technologies professionals always keep their eyes on these kinds of new algorithms so that they can safe and drive better the campaigns in right way.

Posted by Saurabh Pandey

Co-Founder & SEM Head

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