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Google Suspended Google Map Maker Service in May, 2015

What is Google Map Maker?

Google Map Maker
is an administration propelled by Google in June 2008, its a different administration, changes to Google Map Maker were proposed to show up on Google Maps when adequate audit by Google arbitrators however in May 2015 the administration was suspended after lacks in the survey procedure became exposed.

Map Maker is basically user to Navigate the map to find a place where you want to add a marker. Click on a location on the map to set latitude and longitude for your marker.


Google temporarily shuts down Map Maker due to vandalism

Map Maker allow You to include and alter a wide range of things on the guide, including:

  • Places, like businesses, addresses, and other locations
  • Roads, railways, and paths
  • Natural features, like beaches
  • Political features, like your city limits or neaby locality
  • Building outlines for towers, monuments, and more


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