Duplicate Content and how to avoid it

Duplicate Content and how to avoid it
December 17, 2018 Seo Essence
Duplicate Content and how to avoid it

If you use content on your website, you need to be careful about use of duplicate content. From an early age, we are taught about the importance of not copying other people’s work and yet, as people grow, some tend to adopt this habit. Copying other people’s content can result to infringement of copyright law and it can also land you in deep trouble. What is more, when using content for websites, Google and other search identify duplicate content and flag it down. In fact, your website can get blacklisted for having this type of content.


New Information

All search engines are interested in getting new and fresh information. There are crawlers found on search engines and they record and scan all information available. Mostly, this information comes as web pages or websites. After scanning the content, the search engines determine where the information falls and determines how it should be indexed. As such, copying information from a competitor’s website can land you in trouble since the search engines will conclude that your site is similar to the one where the content was copied from since it has the same text. Consequently, your site will be avoided and there is no chance of it getting indexed.


Penalties for Duplicate Content

Majority of website owners have queries about penalties associated with copying a small portion of text from another site. What happens when you have an interesting site with valuable and original content but a small copied portion? Does Google ignore your site completely? Of course this will not happen but the copied text will be completely ignored or devalued and in the long term, this hurts your website. Copied text is not used to rank your website and in order to avoid this possibility, you should consider the following.


    User Reviews

Search engines value personal or opinion piece reviews since it is unique and original. If you have customers reviewing your products or services, you have a better chance of getting ranked highly. Customers rarely write the same content and as such, this will help you keep duplicate content at bay.


    Product Descriptions

Product descriptions tend to be short and standardized and while this is the case, make sure you do not copy descriptions from manufacturers. Writing product descriptions is not as difficult as most people paint it out to be. What is more, writing unique descriptions makes your site interesting and much more valuable than your competitors.



This is another ideal way of creating unique and original content. Write your own original blog posts rather than copying content from trade journals, news stories and other websites.