Generic Links for Saving Your Site from Penguins

Generic Links for Saving Your Site from Penguins
December 17, 2018 Seo Essence
Generic Links for Saving Your Site from Penguins

The SEO starter guide that was developed and published by Google in 2010 toned down the morale of several web technicians from using generic links. This is because; the guide aimed at avoiding the use of certain anchor texts that have been considered as great tools to web master. Some of the anchor text that the guide aimed at phasing off include ‘click here’, ‘page’, ‘page’ and ‘useful site’ among several; others. As a result of this, several web masters have been pushing for the discovery of anchor texts or generic links that can offer an ideal march to those that have been kicked out by the starter guide.

There are several options that can be used by web masters in order to stay on course with the requirements of Google penguin. However, it should be noted that Google advocates for the use of descriptive words in link building. With this, there are higher chances of relevancy when it comes to ranking on search engines. In order to protect your site from being hit by penguins, there are certain available options that you can try out. Below is a list of some of the generic links that you can employ in order to prevent your site from the wrath of penguins.

  • Synonyms

You can opt for synonyms in the anchor texts that you are preparing. In order to get a matching synonym, it is advisable that you use the tilde feature that is provided in Google search. This will assist you in coming up with an anchor text that has good keywords.

  • Names of people in the company

Using the names of people who are working within the company is also another option that you can opt for. The best place to use such generic links is on the ‘About Us’ pages. Besides, they can also be effective for ‘Profile pages’. You can either use the name of the company’s secretary, CEO or any other that you wish.

  • Related text

A variety of search engines including even Google consider related phrases and even anchor phrases to be relevant and so using them could be another great way of avoiding penguins. When using this generic link, you should make sure that the related text that is used is related to the pages that it is linked to. Without this, you may face penalties for poor ranking.

In case you may not be able to use any of the above options, you can also opt for an anchor text with a partial match and one keyword. Besides, even URL links can be a better option. In fact, these could be more useful to those who have just shifted to new website addresses.