How Effective Video Helps For Better Ranking On Google Search

How Effective Video Helps For Better Ranking On Google Search
December 30, 2019 Seo Essence
How Effective Video Helps For Better Ranking On Google Search
There are lots of activities to rank your website, decoding how the Google algorithm works and implemented those SEO suggestions on your site. Have you ever thought of applying SEO activities on your video? If your answer is No, then you must go for it. Video SEO is a powerful method to make sure your videos are reaching potential customers. If you have spent time and money in these videos and still not getting any benefit, then you must understand Video SEO Optimization. What is video SEO Optimization? Video SEO Optimization helps in optimizing your videos so that you get a higher rank on Google search engine when someone searches with related keywords. Video SEO is different as compared to daily SEO and has changed a lot in the past few years. It has become more famous among marketers. With the enhancement in Smartphones, it is easier to get a high-quality video without hiring a video professional. Tips to optimize your video for better ranking
  1. Remember to select the right video hosting platform
While selecting the right video hosting platform, you will need to consider the reason why you are making that video. The reason could be enhancing traffic to your site, producing new leads, brand awareness or earning money from the video. Vimeo, YouTube, etc are some of the platforms to host your videos.
  1. Video Keyword Research
You should research keywords before making videos. Keywords research always helps to get legitimate and daily visitors for your website. Keywords like how-to-reviews, tutorials, and anything funny enough to produce more likes, views, and comments. Also, you can begin with reasonable keywords that can rank easily and drive high-quality traffic to your videos.
  1. Video SEO Review and analysis
When you try to rank your website on a search engine, video SEO review helps a lot. A review and analysis help you to know what required to be changed to optimize it better.
  1. Video Title Optimization
People focus on the title first, so it is compulsory to make it relevant and attractive. Try to place your primary keywords on the heading. An informative and attractive title helps Google bots to crawl your video and enhances the ranking of your video. Publishing and adding your video on an optimized page is important as it will get more clicks on your video.
  1. Video Description Optimization
You need to describe what the video is about when writing a description for the video. An engaging description attracts the client to your video and makes your video more famous. Add primary keywords in the description but don’t exceed it. The length of the description should be more than 250 words.
  1. Add right tags to your video
Proper tags will help in the good ranking of the videos. When users perform a search query related to your tags to look for video content, tagging your video allows it to become more noticeable in search engines.
  1. Video Promotion
The last step is to focus on increasing video views. The more video views you have, the chances will be higher to rank. There are different methods you can promote your video such as:
  • Use social networking sites
  • Use video link in your Email Signature
  • Ask your customers and friends to share it.
  • Join groups and communities and share your videos over there.
  • Add video to your blog post. This is the best way to endorse your video and also boost the value of your content.
  • Choose websites such as Reddit, Quora to promote your video.
So, these are some tips to rank your video on the Google search page. The video will be playing an important role in the coming future, so buckle up and begin focusing on Video SEO optimizations. For more detail visit our website : SEO Essence Technologies