Image Optimization and Its Sales Effect

Image Optimization and Its Sales Effect
March 6, 2020 Seo Essence
Image Optimization and Its Sales Effect
Most brand owners focus on online advertising, backlinks, SEO, and content forgetting an important factor of digital marketing i.e. optimization of images. You could make traffic using the right ads, content and SEO tactics and none of these can get people to the landing page. And this easy reason is poor image optimization. You can provide a better experience for your visitors to boost sales on your site. Make visual appeal without compromising on their experience. Let’s dive deeper into image optimization, its importance, and how to apply it to your site. What is picture optimization? Image optimization is a method of refining pictures to diminish their file size without disturbing their quality. It is a method for getting picture SEO, including the image optimization name, positioning, and size to make them more visible to search engines. Image optimization lightens web pages and boosts their loading speed. Moreover, slow loading pages can affect your profit negatively. What is the importance of Image optimization?
  1. Better ranking
When ranking websites, search engines factor in its loading speed. The high load speed gets from image optimization coupled with using the right keywords will have your site on the first page of search engines.
  1. Network Resource savings
With the lightened pages, website loading will need fewer network resources. It makes your site more responsive to mobile devices. According to a recent survey, 52.2% of web traffic was produced from cell phones in 2018.
  1. Enhanced user experience
Easy navigation is the main factor that tells whether a site is user-friendly or not. Lighter pages will make it easier and faster to navigate between pages, ensuring your site user-friendly. This attracts traffic to your website.
  1. Boost conversion
The boosted traffic from high search engine ranking will boost your conversion rate. Likewise, when users have a satisfactory experience, there is a high chance that they will revisit the site for another purchase and refer to other clients.   How does image optimization enhance sales?
  • Quality leads
Boosted organic traffic attracts qualified leads. Depending on the needs for the product or services, the customers can make purchases, read your content, and share it with others if found it valuable.  
  • Right customer engagement
Nice visuals and simple navigation keep the visitor on your page for a long time. They can check the new products and services you are providing and recall them in case of a future need. It builds a loyal base where they keep coming back for more.
  • Better credibility
A fast loading site that makes a positive experience for your users earns you credibility. It is a sign that your brand is efficient and you are concerned about customer satisfaction. So, you need to use nice pictures to gain viewer attention. It will enhance your site’s loading speed, rank, and give a positive experience to your visitor. This produces leads through boosted organic traffic, increases sales, and makes a loyal customer base. You can connect with SEO Essence Technologies for the best SEO services. The professionals here have good years of experience in boosting the website reach.