Introduction to Symfony 2

Introduction to Symfony 2
March 8, 2019 Seo Essence
Introduction to Symfony 2

Symfony is an open Source  Hypertext Preprocessor internet development framework - a set of tools and methodology to help you build best applications. Some of the traits of this framework are its pace, flexibility, scalability, and balance. You should use it for a full blown web software but in addition for smaller functionalities wanted in your assignment.

Except for being a full stack framework, Symfony is a suite of accessories that you may install and use personally. These accessories are the basis for the framework, but they may be able to even be used decoupled from each other. You need to use Composer to put in add-ons.

Additionally, Symfony2 comes within the type of distributions. These are packages of bundles, accessories and configuration that may aid you get began very rapidly. The Symfony men and women propose theStandard adaptation because the simplest one to get started for a brand new venture. It involves the most customary bundles and has an handy configuration approach.

On this tutorial, we will see how you can set up this distribution and get started making use of it. For this, it is assumed that you're walking your possess Ubuntu VPS with sudo privileges and terminal entry. Additionally, you must have a webserver in place, preferably the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and php), however which you could additionally configure it with Nginx. You will require php 5.Three.Three or greater.

Symfony is aimed at building mighty applications in an manufacturer context. This means that you've got full manipulate over the configuration: from the directory structure to the international libraries, just about the whole lot can also be customized. To match your organization's progress instructions, symfony is bundled with additional tools serving to you to scan, debug anddocument your venture.

Final but not least, by way of deciding upon symfony you get the benefits of an lively open-supply neighborhood. It is entirely free and published beneath the MIT license.